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Hung Tzu Ni received a BA degree in Architectural Design from Shih Chien University and a MFA degree in New Media Art from Taipei National University of the Arts. During her post graduate studies she curated a series of conceptual sound events for the Lacking Sound Festival before completing an international exchange program at TAMA Art University (Tokyo 2018-2019). Hung primarily utilizes spatial and sonic installations as her artistic practices; as to (de)construct the interconnected relationship between sound, light and space.  A selection of her recent exhibitions include: offline reality, HOMING-Solo Exhibition (CCC Visual Art Center, San Francisco), Dwell in Light (2021 Treasure Hill Art Festival, Taipei), and Echoic Memory (2021 Sound Art Festival -Taitung Art Museum, Taitung) as artist in residence.

She is actively involved in the experimental sound scene in Asia, performing at venues Ochiai Soup, SuperDeluxe, Forestlimit, 20000V, and KGRn in Tokyo, and Cafe OTO in London.  She is currently a residence artist at HKCR hosting a bimonthly radio show. 

In recent years Tzu Ni has worked with theater directors and visual artists, and continues to collaborate with artist Li Yi-Fan as composer and sound designer. Her sound design was featured in Li Yi-Fan’s work ‘important_message.mp4’ which received first prize at the Kaoshiung Art Awards.

Known by his singular approach, Chia-Chun XU specializes in controling feedback sound by combining various equipment including no-input mixing board, cassette or Mini Disc players.

Besides working on his projects, conducting workshops and actively engaging in experimental music scenes, he also runs the music label MKUltra Productions that promotes Taiwanese and worldwide noise and experimental music. Since March 2019, he launched a monthly outdoor guerrilla noise gig Outer Pulsation in public under and overpasses in Taipei, which provides both experienced and new local musicians with a platform to develop improvisation skills and experiment in different spaces with international musicians from more than ten different countries.

Cheng Daoyuan is a Taipei-based multimedia creator, he searches paradox and coexist between self-awareness and existence with experimental sound, visual and installations. At the core of Cheng’s art is the convergence of two distinct planes into a coherent form, tries to present the philosophy concept of “Everything is nothingness, the end is the beginning” in his works.

He has been actively performed around Taiwan since 2015, such as Lacking Sound Festival(2016, 2018), Taipei Biennial 2018 Opening. In 2019 he played his first overseas shows in Tokyo, released his debut album  “Apeiron” at the end of same year. Cheng’s recordings have been featured on numerous compilations released by labels locally and in the UK, Netherland and Portugal, he’s now in residence of Hong Kong Community Radio and In 2020, he performed at Nexus Experience by MUTEK, and made his first 7.1-channel ambisonics sound design for at National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts. He presented “INNERSTAR 01: Reddening “ , an immersive A/V work with Huang Wei at Future Vision Lab, Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab in 2021.

His installations typically involve light and sound as they interact, resonate, and create feedback within a space, and in relation to the bodies present there, such as  “ANTUMBRA”(2017) and “SCALAR”(2016). “PLEIADES” (2019) is his latest installation work, which included on site version and live performing version, presented separately at Odd Institute and YAO Chung-Han’s solo exhibition. He also developed his own unique style in visual creations with designing backgrounds and years of experiences in engagement with experimental scenes. In 2019, he released his first zine “Black Lead”, published NFT series “GLASS SKIN” and “R1-n0”, and participated group exhibition /’fu:bar/ Expo 2021 online and at Institut français de Croatie, Zagreb with “Trigger, Later”(2021) in 2021. His latest glitch artwork series “TRIMESSIAH”(2021, 2022) is now presented in room ‘Water Skin’ , virtual gallery of Synergy Festival.

His work has been mentioned in international media such as the WIRE (issue411,2018), the QUIETUS (2018), also been reported by Taiwan Beats(2019) and Electric Soul(2021).

Immanuel Dannenbring is a composer and sound artist focusing in the domains of both electronic and instrumental music. Aesthetically he is interested in seeking a means to strike a balance or to obscure the boundaries between both academic and popular music worlds and demonstrates this through performance, composition/sound design and curation. 

As a performing artist he primarily works with the sampling of found sounds, field recordings and percussion in rehearsed and improvised settings under the pseudonym Migrant.  He has performed at venues and festivals including, Tua-Tiu-Tiann International Festival of Arts (2016), Lacking Sound Festival (2017, 2018) Lukang Arts Festival, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art, C-LAB, Ting Shuo Studio, Contagious Orgasm Taiwan Tour.

As a composer he was awarded a Lilburn Trust Composition Award as an undergraduate at the New Zealand School of Music for his 7.1 Channel electroacoustic composition “Distant”.  In 2021 he produced a soundtrack with local rap artist Pinkchain for Chia Wei Xu’s video piece “Is the stone coffin a coffin?”; using rap as a means to narrate the story of a disputed Kavalan artifact.  In the same year he rearranged Taiwanese military anthems into contemporary tunes for Cheng Chun Yu’s digital propaganda posters in “Make_Great Again” exhibited at the 2021 Asian Art Biennale. 

From 2017 - 2019 he was the program organizer for performing arts and educational space Little Play who have hosted a variety of international experimental artists and is currently one of the curators for cross-discipline experimental clubbing event Meta Flexing.  He is currently an artist in residence at the Taipei Digital Art Center.

Collaborating Artists

︎   Jyun-Ao Caesar

The idea of Jyun-Ao Caesar’s early music borrows from both Eric Cordier and Otomo Yoshihide and can be simply summed up as an approach toward the compositions of Pan-Musique Concrète in the sense of Dajuin Yau. Technically his experience with signal processing, analog amplification, and field recording, as well as his knowledge of space and time led to his adoption of the instrument. After several years of searching, he found the right effect pedals and machines for interpreting multiple effects with input signals, as opposed to those that shape the tone of the guitar. In his latest set-up, the effects are integrated with signal analysis, enabling him to assign parameters of transformation and to position the sound in the phantom image. In this way, the electronic modulations can be controlled by how he plays, while still retaining a degree of their own autonomy.

He is also a member of Saint Sloth Machine. He has composed several pieces via the concept of Pan-Musique Concrète and aims to represent certain contemplation of humanism and modernity in a non-realist way. As a part-time improvisor, he has played with Dino, Otomo Yoshihide, Motoki Yoshinori, Paal Nilssen-Love, Yong Yandsen, Toshimaru Nakamura, Thierry Monnier (La Morte Young), Rabito Arimoto, Park Daham, Kyosuke Terada, Lala Reich, Tsuruya Genizai, and some others not named.

︎   Somamana Rain


Yu-Chiao Yang is a Taiwanese oral tradition folktale narrator dedicated to researching oral literature and studying narratology and folktale poetics. Being sensitive to the sound, form, and meaning of words, he has a unique perception of the art of language. He combines his performances with different arts - visual art, classical music, noise music, etc. On the other hand, Yu-chiao also studied several ancient scripts such as Sumerian cuneiform, Oracle bone script, and Glagolitic script.

Today Yu-chiao is one of the most active storytellers in Taiwan. In 2018, Yu-chiao created Anatexis & Anamorphosis consists of poetry, writing actions, and oral and experimental sound performances in Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB). He has also participated in sessions of the 2020 Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition – ANIMA. He is also a performance art instructor at Weiwuying - National Kaohsiung Center for the Arts for the theater educational program since 2019. He has published several works included a series of tales that demonstrate characters in oracle bone script. Yu-Chiao is also a columnist for classical music magazine "MUZIK" and online cinema platform "Giloo" in Taiwan.

︎   Mong Tong

Mong Tong are brothers Hom Yu, Jiun Chi and 仝. They listened to what they describe as “Dianziqin music” along with video game soundtracks and psychedelic music.

︎   DJ Rex Chen

Rex Chen Yi Chung is a turntablist base in Taiwan who uses a strict DJ vantage to explore and create new worlds within the elements of music, noise and sound. Preferring the analog feel of Vinyl , Cheng Yi Chung has a vast back catalogue of vinyls, which he likes to blend together with all different genres of music, from Instrumental, Electronic, Minimal, IDM, Glitch, Noise ,Expermental ,Improvise and countless others to create something that is quite often rare and unexplored by any other artist or DJ.

Cheng Yi Chung has a deep connection to Japanese Indie culture and has used this interest to explore further into new and unheard types of music that he fuses together with other genres to create what is always described as a truly unique experience. Now he often improvises with musicians from all over the world. In 2019, he grouped with Jiun-Yang Li and Xiao Liu, to form a trio “Buddha Tiger Dog.”

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